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2022 4BR Master Mind Round Table Speaker 

2022 Colorado Courts Domestic Relation and Probate Institute – A Cautionary Tale – Preventing Mistakes in Orders Regarding the Sale or Refinance of Property in a Dissolution of Marriage or Fixing Mistakes After Entry of Orders 

2021 4BR Master Mind Round Table Speaker 

2020 CCDP Member Meeting Speaker – The Financial Separation Plan – Separating Your Client’s Finances Without Destroying Their Financial Lives 

2020 4BR Master Mind Round Table Speaker 

2019 IPMA-HR Annual Conference | Innovation Insights Speaker 

2018 IPMA-HR Colorado | Financial Wellness Program Speaker 

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Veterans Puppy for Life Organization (Board Member) 

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Todd founded Denver Divorce Professionals to help couples facing divorce avoid costly mistakes, protect their credit, and successfully separate their finances. Whether they are couples working together collaboratively or individuals dealing with conflict and an adversarial spouse, his Financial Separation Planprovides a path forward. It eliminates fear and doubt from clients’ financial decisions by providing clarity in actionable information to create the agreements required to achieve their desired outcome so they can move forward with confidence.   

For Couples Working Together – Simply A Better Way 

More and more couples realize they can agree on many things about their separation and are seeking a better way than the traditional litigated approach.  

After many years of helping clients try to fix past mistakes from their divorce, Todd created the Financial Separation Plan, which is a proven step-by-step process that uses a collaborative approach to help spouses make decisions together, avoid costly mistakes, and find the right help to get it right from the start.  

Based on a comprehensive evaluation; the plan identifies risks and potential mistakes, formulates options to eliminate them, educates each spouse about their choices, and pays specific attention to the potential resulting impacts of any decision. Instead of working against each other, collaborating spouses share objectives and seek opportunities to make mutually beneficial tradeoffs to come to the fair agreement that they both desire.  

The implementation portion of the plan includes details down to the exact timing and sequence of every step including opening and closing bank accounts, paying off liabilities, obtaining new loans, and transferring assets to maximize liquidity and minimize adverse credit impacts. It also shows each spouse how to create their own complete financial identity that they will need going forward. 

By incorporating the right professionals at the right time, the plan enables couples to remain in control of the process, stay out of court, maintain confidentiality, optimize their agreements, and receive all the protection they need. They can move forward with certainty knowing they made the right decisions to protect their family’s financial future. It truly is a better way. 

For Adversarial Spouses – An Even Better Way 

If you and your spouse cannot work together, don’t worry – the Financial Separation Plan provides even more protection.  

In adversarial situations, mistakes are far more costly both financially and emotionally because they can be used against you and your kids. Additionally, one spouse usually has better financial information, access to documentation, and much more knowledge about the family finances resulting in an imbalance of power putting the other spouse at a significant disadvantage.  

The plan resolves those issues in several ways because it: 

  • Reviews all documents for accidental or intentional omissions. 
  • Includes audit and forensic assessment for data accuracy. 
  • Formulates multiple options for settlement fair to both sides. 
  • Determines feasibility and requirements of all proposals.  
  • Provides mediation and court prep for you and your attorney. 

The plan lays out exactly what you and your spouse can and cannot do with debt, buyouts, support, and maintenance. Therefore, you can inform the mediator or judge when an opposing counsel proposal, or even a judge’s decision, will not work or is unfair before it is too late to change. Even better, you have an expert witness to explain and confirm the analysis and findings. 

It also includes audits and forensic reviews, providing valuable assurance by eliminating fear, doubt, and suspicion that your spouse is not following the rules by hiding money. This is hugely beneficial, especially for the spouse who doesn’t have the financial knowledge, because it puts you in a position where you can reduce the high emotional state of fear and make better decisions for your family. 

If you and your spouse both have access to this sophisticated financial information specific to your divorce, the playing field is level. However, most attorneys do not have resources to provide it. Therefore, either your spouse has this information – and you don’t – putting you at great risk of a very unfair outcome to your divorce, OR you have this information – and your spouse and their attorney don’t – putting you in a great position to get the outcome you want. 

About Todd

Todd is President of Denver Divorce Professionals, a Divorce Finance advisory firm, and Huettner Capital, a mortgage bank, both located in Denver, CO. He has over twenty years of experience in the divorce, finance, mortgage, real estate, and consulting industries. 

As a published author and nationally recognized real estate and personal finance expert, Todd is frequently quoted in the trade and business press including The Wall Street Journal, BankRate.com, U.S. News, and Realtor.com. 

He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Jill and their three sons. An active member of the community, Todd serves as a board member for Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals and for the Veteran’s Puppy For Life Organization, is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, and is a member of many other professional and philanthropic organizations. He also supports and coaches for numerous youth sports programs in the Denver area.