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A CDFA® professional helps you navigate asset distribution, and short-and long-term financial planning to achieve a fair settlement for both parties. They understand the decisions you make today will impact your financial future.

Attorneys focus on law, CPAs focus on tax, and financial advisors focus on financial planning, but none of them focus on financial separation. While these professionals can create agreements to complete your divorce, we regularly see simple mistakes and missed opportunities that cost couples thousands of dollars. The unique nuances of credit scores, lending, life insurance, and other aspects result in many counterintuitive outcomes where one couple in a similar situation should do the exact opposite of another couple. An expert in Divorce Finance works with your other professionals to eliminate these knowledge gaps. 

The biggest benefit is you are in control of your financial futures and can protect your family.  

The people who know the most, care the most, and have the most at stake – YOU! – will be making the decisions. 

When spouses develop their agreements together, they live up to them and post decree issues are rare. 

The alternative is giving people who know the least about your situation with the least at stake total control of your family’s future. 

Exactly what you need. Denver Divorce Professionals customizes your plan to include everything you need from turn-key start to finish, just the items you need to finish your divorce yourself, or we can work with your other professionals to fill in gaps and support their creation of the documents for you.  

The Denver Divorce Professionals Financial Separation Plan is a proven step-by-step process to get divorce right from the start.   

Based on a comprehensive evaluation, the plan identifies risks, formulates options to eliminate those risks and avoid mistakes, educates each spouse about their options, and pays specific attention to the potential impacts of any decision. It also shows spouses how to create a complete financial identity they will need going forward with their lives. 

The plan also includes implementation details down to the exact timing and sequence of any action required including opening and closing bank accounts, paying off liabilities, obtaining new loans, and transferring assets to maximize liquidity and minimize adverse credit impacts. 

The Financial Separation Plan is why we can say we help couples separate their finances without destroying their financial lives. 

The best part about a using mediation and collaboration in divorce is that you can negotiate almost everything – to protect children, some aspects of child support are not negotiable. Your professionals provide advice and guidance to enable you to come to informed decisions with your spouse to create the plan that works best for you and your family. 

If you get the right people at the right time for the right things, you will get the results you want at the right price.  

You and your spouse control the outcome and there is a good way to do this and a bad way to do it. Just like a root canal at the dentist divorce stinks… no one getting married imagines they will be here and hopes to be, but it is where you are. If you can work together and get the right professional support focusing on the best possible outcome, you will get it and benefit from it the rest of your lives. If you don’t, it will haunt you the rest of your life. 

Reducing conflict and working with your spouse is the single best way to reduce costs in divorce. 

Reducing conflict and working with your spouse is the single best way to get what you want in divorce. 

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